Christmas Gifts For Trumpet Players

Christmas Gifts for Trumpet Players

So, your looking for Christmas gifts for trumpet players?  You’ve come to the right place.  As a long time trumpet teacher, that has to be one of the most asked questions I get every Christmas season.  Trumpet players are easy to shop for if you know trumpets.  We’re all gadget freaks, which makes things fairly easy.

How long have they been playing trumpet?

That’s the first thing you need to answer when looking at Christmas Gifts for Trumpet Players.  A beginning band trumpet player will have different needs than someone that has been playing for years.  Also, the longer someone has been playing trumpet, the more things they’ll already own which complicates gift buying.

Christmas gifts for Beginning Trumpet Players

A beginning trumpet player is not going to need a lot of equipment yet.  The main things you can look at are popular sheet music books.  Movie themes, etc. are great things for aspiring trumpet players that have largely just been playing out of a beginning band book.

If your beginning trumpet player doesn’t own a good music stand, that would be a great purchase.  Don’t waste your money on a folding stand.  Get one that will last years and years.  I’ve had one of the Manhasset stands below for over 20 years, and it’s still going strong.

Christmas Gifts for Advanced Trumpet Players

If an advanced trumpet players doesn’t have a good music stand, like the one above, that would be a great idea. A good music stand prevents so many problems from developing simply because it encourages playing with a good posture…the source of many trumpet problems.

Mutes are another great idea for Christmas Gifts for a trumpet player.  Every good trumpet player needs a basic complement of mutes-a metal straight mute, a cup mute, and a Harmon style, Wah-Wah or Bubble Mute.  They’re all the same type of mute. I’m at the point that I’m getting more of the same type of mute just for different sounds.  I probably own around 20 different straight mutes alone because they all get a slightly different sound.

The Ultimate Christmas Gift for Trumpet Players:

A new professional trumpet.  I know it costs a lot, but you’ll have a gift guaranteed to be remembered for the rest of their lives…similar to their first car.  It’s that big a gift.  Check our my page on Professional Trumpets for more information.

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Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet

Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet

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Bach 190s37 Trumpet

Bach 190s37 Trumpet (Stradivarius)

Bach 190s37 Trumpet, Bach 190s37 Stradivarius Trumpet

Today, we’re talking about the Bach 190s37 Trumpet, the Bach 190s37 Stradivarius Trumpet, or the Anniversary Model Bach Stradivarius Trumpet, whichever you would like to call it.  For years trumpet players have argued about what the best Bach Professional trumpets been.  Throughout the years, there have been several changes to the way Bach Stradivarius Trumpets were built.  If you peruse the various internet forums, people will talk about Corporation Bells, Side-Seam Bells, Nickle Silver Valve Casings, etc.  What does all of that mean?

Corporation Bells

“Corporation” Bells were made by Bach shortly after Selmer bought Bach from Vincent Bach himself.  When Selmer bought out Bach, most trumpet players believe that the playing quality of the horns diminished as well.  The corporation bells were the earliest bells used by Selmer and retain many of the playing qualities of the earlier Bach Trumpets-the Mount Vernon Bachs.

Side Seam Bells

Most bells are made with the seam on the bottom of the bell.  They used to be made with the seam on the side, where the braces are soldered to the bell.  This does make a difference in how the bell resonates.  Many players now want a side-seam bell for more resonance, myself included.


Resonance is the quality in the sound that makes a trumpet sound like a trumpet, and in my opinion, it’s what separates Bach Trumpets from the rest of the trumpets available today.  Bach’s seem to have more resonance and “color” in their sound than many trumpets.  It’s what has made Bach Stradivarius Trumpets the preferred choice of many professional trumpet players for the last 50 years.

Other features of the Bach 190s37 Trumpet

The two piece valve casing with Nickel Balusters (top part) also affects the resonance of the instrument.  In short, anything that is attached to the trumpet will affect the resonance of the horn.  In the Bach 190s37 Stadivarius Trumpet, Bach has done a great job replicating the earliest Bach Stradivarius Trumpets.  It’s a change that I really like.  I believe this is one of the best trumpets available today.  If you’re looking for a truly great Professional Trumpet, take at look at this horn.



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Scratch and Dent Trumpets

Scratch and Dent Trumpets, Open  Box Trumpets

Scratch and Dent or Open Box Trumpets

Scratch and Dent Trumpets are trumpets that have been damaged in some way and usually repaired.  The company can’t sell them for full price, so they are discounted and put on sale.  In my opinion, these are the best deals out there for professional trumpets.  As I type this, Woodwind and Brasswind has three Bach Stradivarius 190s37 trumpets listed for between @2250 and $2450.  These trumpets usually retail for around $4000 and usually run around $3000 there.

How much do you usually save on Scratch and Dent Trumpets

You can usually save around 20% of the normal price on scratch and dent sales…sometimes more…sometimes less.  I saw a Bach Stradivarius Trumpet sell for $995 one time that had some extensive damage.  It had been repaired, but it still had been damaged.

How bad is the damage on a Scratch and Dent trumpet?

Every trumpet is different.  They always repair them before putting them up for sale, but you can usually see where the damage occured.  It will be very minor though, and many times, I can’t even find the damage.  Many stores will show you pictures of the actual instrument and have arrows pointing to the damage.

Right now, the trumpets I see listed just have a few small scratches.  You’ll get more scratches using in your first year, so to me it doesn’t matter.  Most of the time, you would swear that scratch and dent trumpets have no damage.  The key is that most large stores have excellent repairmen that will fix any damage before it’s put out for sale.

Great deal!

If you’re looking for the best deals, check out these scratch and dent trumpets!  These are the deals you always hear about from others.  Now it’s your turn to tell that same story!

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Best Beginning Band Trumpets

Best Beginning Band Trumpets

The Best Beginning Band Trumpets

Your child signed up for beginning band!  Now what?  You need to find one of the best beginning band trumpets for your child to learn on.  Congratulations!  You and your child are beginning a new phase of their life that can totally transform them and their lives.  You’ll be headed to beginning band concerts a few times this year and other fun and exciting band activities.  First though, you need to find the best beginning band trumpet for them to play.

Best Beginning Band Trumpets

You probably received a list of recommended instruments from the band director or music store by now, and you’re wondering what you just got yourself into.  That list looks long and expensive, and it can be expensive if you just run to your local music store to purchase everything.

Where should I buy the best beginning band trumpets?

You can definitely go to the local music store, and you’ll probably find a rent-to-own program there that has a low monthly price.  Often, they also include free repairs and maintenance in that price.  There are some drawbacks to purchasing a beginning band trumpet at the local music store though.  You’ll pay full retail price for that rental there.  Shopping online will result in around a 40% reduction in the price, and they often offer payment plans that are close to the rental price at the music store for a shorter term.

What about repairs?

In all actuality, trumpets shouldn’t need many repairs.  In my 37 years of playing trumpet, I’ve had to take my horn in for repairs four times.  You’ll get the occasional dent, but unless a player is careless, a beginning band trumpet shouldn’t need repairs very often.  Trumpets don’t need the regular maintenance that a woodwind instrument needs with pad replacements and adjustments.

Should I trust an online music instrument company?

I have for the last 25 years.  There are several online music stores, with which Trumpetfinder is associated with, that sell more trumpets in a day than local stores will sell in a year.  My students have usually bought from them as well, and I’ve never had a problem with any of them.  Because of that high sales volume, they get the best prices.  It’s that simple. I usually see around a 40% discount off of retail prices, and most local music stores sell at retail price.  In addition, you usually won’t pay sales tax on those purchases.  It just makes sense.

What about rental or rent-to-own plans?

Some of the online shops offer rental plans as well, and some of them offer financing that is comparable to a rental plan from a local music store…often at lower monthly prices.  Also, keep in mind that when a local music store offers a rental plan, they are usually offering the rental plan based on the full retail price of the instrument.  While the monthly payment may be low, you’ll be paying on it for years.  In addition, if you return the instrument later to the store and discontinue the rental plan, you will get nothing in return.  If you purchase a trumpet from an online store, you have something of value that can be sold or traded later.

In conclusion…

I would buy a trumpet from an online music store rather than a local shop.  In my opinion, it’s the smartest choice in buying the best beginning band trumpets.  Please visit for all of your trumpet needs!

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Trumpet Music Online, Cd’s, and Listening

Listening to Trumpet Music Online and CD’s

Are you a trumpet player? Do you listen to trumpet music online or on CD? You should if you want to be a good player. As a musician, it’s easy to become a technician or approach the instrument from a mechanical standpoint. There are even times when this is necessary, but doing so to a great extent makes someone a technician…not a musician. As a musician, we all strive to be artists.

When I was in my early years playing trumpet, you just couldn’t find many recordings where I lived. That was pre-Youtube… pre-internet. We had one store in town that sold CD’s, and they had a meager collection of trumpet CD’s. Trumpet players today have an incredible amount of information and trumpet music online. Sadly, most young players never take the time to search them out.  If you are shopping for a trumpet player, Trumpet Cd’s make great gifts for a trumpet player.

Sound the Trumpet: Royal Music of Purcell & Handel Trumpet Cd's Alison Balsom Trumpet Music OnlineSound the Trumpet: Royal Music of Purcell & HandelTrumpet Spectacular Trumpet Cd's Doc Severinsen Trumpet Music OnlineTrumpet SpectacularThe Lightning Fields - New Music for Trumpet, Flugelhorn and Piano [World Premiere Recordings] Trumpet Cd's Trumpet Music OnlineThe Lightning Fields – New Music for Trumpet, Flugelhorn and Piano [World Premiere Recordings]The Philip Smith Collection - Trumpet Highlights, Vol. 1 Trumpet Cd's Trumpet Music OnlineThe Philip Smith Collection – Trumpet Highlights, Vol. 1Trumpet Evolution Arturo Sandoval Trumpet Cd's Trumpet Music OnlineTrumpet EvolutionBaroque Music for Trumpets Wynton Marsalis Trumpet Cd's Trumpet Music OnlineBaroque Music for TrumpetsTrumpet Concertos of Haydn, Hummel, Torelli, and Bellini Rolf Smedvig Trumpet Cd's Trumpet Music OnlineTrumpet Concertos of Haydn, Hummel, Torelli, and Bellini


Getting a good concept of sound from trumpet music online

To paraphrase what I heard a great trumpet teacher say once, “If you don’t listen to great trumpet players, how do you know what a trumpet is supposed to sound like?” Unless you have a great aural image of what you want your trumpet to sound like, you’ll never have a great sound. How hungry are you to be a great player?

Sources of Trumpet Music Online

Trumpet recordings and masterclasses are available on Youtube, Amazon Music (some of it free with an Amazon Prime and/or Amazon Music Unlimited account), Spotify, and many other places online. We signed up for Amazon Prime years ago because of the instant video and free Amazon Prime shipping, before I even knew about their extensive music list. It’s becoming the “One Stop Shop” of just about everything online.  If you want to try out the Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited, they have free trials of both services.

Great master classes with the best players and teachers in the world can be found online to watch for free. When I was growing up, if you wanted to go to a master class with one of the best players/teachers around, you had to travel and pay to be part of one. Now, you can watch many on Youtube.

But Classical Music Puts Me to Sleep

Maybe you don’t really appreciate classical music. That was me years ago. Classical music put me to sleep until I learned about Bud Herseth, Phil Smith,  and other great players. If that’s the case for you, search out some of the great brass quintets, like the Canadian Brass or Empire Brass, as well as others. Much of the brass quintet music is very entertaining for someone who doesn’t like classical music. Check out some of the jazz players like Wynton Marsalis. Amazon has a lot of great CD’s you can order or MP3’s you can download for nominal fees.

It’s truly amazing what happens when you start really listening to great players. Your brain starts to expect that sound when you play too. Soon, you start to hear small pieces of those players in your sound. One day, you’ll be sitting in rehearsal and play something in your music and all of a sudden, you hear that player in your sound. I promise you won’t forget that day. It’s one of the coolest feelings in the world.


When you find a trumpet player whose sound you want to model, you may find yourself seeking out the same professional trumpet they play.  In most cases, you can buy the same professional trumpet they play.  You may not sound exactly like them, but you probably won’t be happy with your sound until you have the same horn.  You can’t just buy the same equipment and expect to sound like Bud Herseth, but it’s a start.


There’s no faster way to get someone to play with a certain style than to play it for them. The best band directors I have played for taught in this manner. You can spend several minutes or hours trying to get someone to play with a certain style, but if you play it for them once or twice, they get it.

Two of my favorite etude books to use with students to develop sound and style include Cd’s with Phil Smith performing all of the etudes.  It’s truly amazing how fast a student’s grasps hold of sound and style concepts when listening to the CD’s that come with these books, and Phil Smith is an incredible player to model.  The grades listed are not school grades.  They are difficulty grades assigned by the publisher.  I generally consider most of the etudes in the books to be good for students in ninth grade and up for students in our area.

Concert Studies for Trumpet: Grade 3-6 Phil Smith Etudes Trumpet Cd's Trumpet Music OnlineConcert Studies for Trumpet: Grade 3-6Advanced Concert Studies for Trumpet: 19 New Studies from Grade 4 Through 6 Phil Smith Etudes Trumpet Cd's Trumpet Music OnlineAdvanced Concert Studies for Trumpet: 19 New Studies from Grade 4 Through 6

Put simply, if you want to be a great player, you will search out recordings of great trumpet players and listen to them constantly. If you don’t, I would have a hard time believing you’re really “hungry” enough to be a great player. How good do you want to be? The resources are endless today.   If you search, you’ll find someone great that you like to listen to, and if you listen to them enough, you’ll start to sound a little like them. There’s only one word that comes to mind when that happens…Cool!

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Best Gifts For Trumpet Players

Best Gifts for Trumpet Players

Choosing the best gifts for trumpet players can be difficult.  Trumpet players tend to be gadget oriented people.   We like gadgets, accessories, etc.  For most players, trumpet playing is a large part of our lives too, so any gift that relates to trumpet playing is appreciated.

Where do I start finding the best gifts for trumpet players?

You need to see what they already own and what level of player they are.  A beginner has different needs than a professional.  A professional is the hardest to shop for.  They already own most things for trumpet.  Most people searching for trumpet gifts though are somewhere in the middle.

Best Gifts for trumpet players in Middle School or High School

I’ll start with the biggest gift you could imagine…a new professional trumpet.  If you want to buy a gift that will rival the gift of someone’s first car, this is it.  I guarantee that this gift will be remembered in the same way.  I can still remember opening my first professional trumpet, and that was 34 years ago.  I remember opening the latches to the case and seeing the new horn wrapped in plastic.  I remember the smell of the trumpet…the new trumpet smell.  It’s just as powerful as a new car smell to a trumpet player.

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Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet

Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet

The Bach 180s37 Trumpet is my instrument of choice for a professional Bb trumpet. More professional players use this horn than any other Bb trumpet. “180” is the model number, “37” is the bell number, and “s” stands for silver plating.  This would definitely fit in the list of best gifts for trumpet players.  For more information on the Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet, or to purchase this trumpet, please click the link.

Gifts for trumpet players, Yamaha Xeno Trumpet Review

Yamaha YTR-8335S Xeno Trumpet

Yamaha YTR-8335 Xeno Trumpet

The Yamaha YTR-8335 Xeno Trumpet is Yamaha’s version of a Bach Strad trumpet, check out the Xeno.


By the time a trumpet player gets to High School, they need to own several mutes.  Mutes change the color of the sound, and they are great gifts for trumpet players.  Every trumpet player needs a Straight Mute, a Cup Mute, and a Harmon Style, Bubble, or Wah-Wah mute , and probably a practice mute.  For a general use straight mute, I recommend a Denis Wick Straight Mute or a Jo-Ral Aluminum Straight Mute. The first picture below shows tbe Denis Wick Straight Mute with a copper bottom, but for a first mute, you want to choose all aluminum.

Denis Wick Straight Mute, Gifts for Trumpet players

Denis Wick Straight Mute-Copper Bottom

Gifts for Trumpet players, Jo-Ral Mute

Jo-Ral Trumpet Straight Mute

A Trumcor Lyric Straight Mute is a handy straight mute for the trumpet player that already has a full set of mutes.  If you try playing extremely soft with a straight mute, it can be difficult to keep a good sound.  This is where the Trumcor Lyric Straight Mute comes into play.  It has been nicknamed the “Jobsaver” by many trumpet players because it allows you to use a normal airstream while sounding like a very soft straight mute.  It’s a truly incredible mute that I would not be without.  If the trumpet player you’re shopping for already has a basic set of mutes, definitely think about this mute.

Trumcor Lyric mute, gifts for trumpet players

Trumcor Lyric Straight Mute for Trumpet

For a cup mute, I my favorite is the Denis Wick Adjustable Cup Mute.  This cup mute covers all cup mute needs.  It’s pretty much the favorite of all trumpet players I know.  You can adjust the cup up or down to open or close the gap between the cup and the bell.  This allows you to adjust how much sound you produce.  It’a truly great mute.

Denis Wick Adjustable Cup Mute, Gifts for trumpet players

Denis Wick Cup Mute

For a bubble or Harmon Style mute, I recommend the Jo Ral Aluminum Bubble Mute.  This sound fits in with other aluminum mutes well and produces a good sizzle throughout all registers.  For solo work, the copper Jo Ral Bubble Mute gets a unique sound that I really like too.  They’re both requirements on my list, but the aluminum one is crucial.

Jo-Ral Bubble Mute, Gifts for trumpet players

Jo-Ral 2a Trumpet Bubble Mute

Jo-Ral Copper Bubble Mute, Gifts for trumpet players

Jo-Ral 2C Copper Bubble Mute

The final category of mutes that are really handy are practice mutes.  A good practice mute can be played in a hotel room without anyone hearing.  They work really well.  If you want a practice mute that is full featured, check out the Yamaha Silent Brass System for Trumpet.  It has a mute with a pickup mic that runs the sound through a small processing unit that adds different levels of reverb and other effects to make it sound like you’re playing in different settings…church, etc.  It’s really cool.

Yamaha Silent Brass, Gifts for trumpet players

Yamaha Silent Brass System for Trumpet

The other practice mute I recommend is the Denis Wick Practice Mute. It is simply a mute that closes off almost all of the sound and lets you practice anywhere.  It’s simple, but it works.

Dennis Wick Practice Mute, Gifts for trumpet players

Denis Wick Practice Mute

Trumpet players eventually become mute collectors…always looking for another new sounding mute to add to their collection.  If you would like to look at some other mutes, check out the mute pages at this site.   There are a lot of mutes available.

Trumpet Stands

A trumpet stand is an incredibly handy thing for any trumpet player.  There are several different brands and models available, but I generally recommend the K&M 5-Leg In-Bell Trumpet Stand.  They sell a three leg version, but it can be knocked over much more easily.  The leg unit unscrews from the bell shaped part, and the legs fold up to fit in the bell shaped part.  When folded up, the entire thing stores in the bell of the trumpet in the case.  It’s a pretty slick stand.


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Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet

Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet

Bach 180s37 Trumpet

Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet

The Bach 180s37 Stradivarius trumpet has been the standard professional trumpet worldwide for many years. There are other great professional trumpets, but the Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet has been the standard for many years.  The official name is the Bach Stradivarius 180s37 Trumpet. You’ll see it called the Bach Strad Trumpet, Bach Stradivarius Trumpet, or just Bach Trumpet. Bach makes other trumpets, but when people are talking about Bach Trumpets, they usually mean the 180s37 Trumpet.  Clicking the photo below will take you to one of my favorite online music stores where you you almost always get the best price.

You can also check Amazon below. Sometimes, they have the better price. You just need to check.

Bach 180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet - Silver PlatedBach 180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet – Silver Plated

Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet Specs

The Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet has a medium large .459 bore size, which works well for just about everyone on Bb trumpet.  It offers just the right amount of resistance to give a good amount of resonance.  It comes with the standard “square” tuning slide, which isn’t really square, but it is more square than most brands.  This gives a good amount of feedback when you play, which I really like.

The valves are made of an alloy called Monel, which wears in well and retains the valve oil well.  The “s” in Bach 180s37 stands for silver plating, which I highly recommend for a professional trumpet.  It will wear over time, but it will last considerably longer than a lacquer finish for most players.

Why is it important that the Bach 180s37 Trumpet has a one-piece bell?

The Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet also has a one-piece bell.  Most beginner trumpets and intermediate trumpets are made with two piece bells, which is easier to make, but the one-piece bells sound better.  If you look closely at a beginner trumpet or an intermediate trumpet, you can see a small line about two inches back from the bell.  This is where the two pieces are soldered together.  Bach Strad Trumpets don’t have that line since they’re one piece.

It has a stop rod on the third valve slide to adjust the throw and keep it from falling out.  One fall, and they usually don’t work right, so this is a very valuable feature.  It has a standard weight body, and it has the standard #25 leadpipe.  It also has the standard 37 bell, which is where the 37 comes from in the title.  This bell has been found over the years to have the best combination of bright and dark sounds, with the most color you can get in the sound.  It has become the standard professional trumpet for good reason.


The Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet has become the standard for professional trumpets

In the last 37 years of playing and teaching trumpet, I’ve finally learned that unless you have a good reason to choose a non-standard trumpet, you’re better off going with the accepted standard, which is the Bach 180s37 trumpet. There are many people that will tell you about bad Bach trumpets they’ve played, and I’ve played some bad ones, but all of the recent Bach 180s37 trumpets I’ve played have been great horns

There was a time period where Bach trumpets were very inconsistent. I’m glad to say that all of the horns I’ve played recently have been much more consistent.  All of my students play this trumpet, and I have confidence that their horns will take them as far as they want to go.  This is a truly great trumpet.

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Welcome to Trumpetfinder, where you’ll find the best trumpet deals!  We hope you find this to be the best place to buy a trumpet!  You will find the best sales here.  Please check back often to see what’s on sale.  Generally, you will find close to a 40% discount off of retail prices by clicking below to visit our sponsors or on any link on this website. - Shop Now

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