Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet

Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet

Bach 180s37 Trumpet

Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet

The Bach 180s37 Stradivarius trumpet has been the standard professional trumpet worldwide for many years. There are other great professional trumpets, but the Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet has been the standard for many years.  The official name is the Bach Stradivarius 180s37 Trumpet. You’ll see it called the Bach Strad Trumpet, Bach Stradivarius Trumpet, or just Bach Trumpet. Bach makes other trumpets, but when people are talking about Bach Trumpets, they usually mean the 180s37 Trumpet.  Clicking the photo below will take you to one of my favorite online music stores where you you almost always get the best price.

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Bach 180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet - Silver PlatedBach 180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet – Silver Plated

Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet Specs

The Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet has a medium large .459 bore size, which works well for just about everyone on Bb trumpet.  It offers just the right amount of resistance to give a good amount of resonance.  It comes with the standard “square” tuning slide, which isn’t really square, but it is more square than most brands.  This gives a good amount of feedback when you play, which I really like.

The valves are made of an alloy called Monel, which wears in well and retains the valve oil well.  The “s” in Bach 180s37 stands for silver plating, which I highly recommend for a professional trumpet.  It will wear over time, but it will last considerably longer than a lacquer finish for most players.

Why is it important that the Bach 180s37 Trumpet has a one-piece bell?

The Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet also has a one-piece bell.  Most beginner trumpets and intermediate trumpets are made with two piece bells, which is easier to make, but the one-piece bells sound better.  If you look closely at a beginner trumpet or an intermediate trumpet, you can see a small line about two inches back from the bell.  This is where the two pieces are soldered together.  Bach Strad Trumpets don’t have that line since they’re one piece.

It has a stop rod on the third valve slide to adjust the throw and keep it from falling out.  One fall, and they usually don’t work right, so this is a very valuable feature.  It has a standard weight body, and it has the standard #25 leadpipe.  It also has the standard 37 bell, which is where the 37 comes from in the title.  This bell has been found over the years to have the best combination of bright and dark sounds, with the most color you can get in the sound.  It has become the standard professional trumpet for good reason.


The Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet has become the standard for professional trumpets

In the last 37 years of playing and teaching trumpet, I’ve finally learned that unless you have a good reason to choose a non-standard trumpet, you’re better off going with the accepted standard, which is the Bach 180s37 trumpet. There are many people that will tell you about bad Bach trumpets they’ve played, and I’ve played some bad ones, but all of the recent Bach 180s37 trumpets I’ve played have been great horns

There was a time period where Bach trumpets were very inconsistent. I’m glad to say that all of the horns I’ve played recently have been much more consistent.  All of my students play this trumpet, and I have confidence that their horns will take them as far as they want to go.  This is a truly great trumpet.

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