The Best Beginner Trumpets

What are the best beginner trumpets?

The best beginner trumpets, or best student trumpets, are instruments that play well, but are designed to be more durable than professional trumpets. Beginner trumpets, or student trumpets, lack the refinements and hand fitting of professional trumpets, but play well enough for beginner trumpet players to progress well.

What do I look for in the best beginner trumpets?

The best beginner trumpets are instrument that will last for several years and play well enough to last throughout high school for students that will not purchase a professional trumpet later. There are some instruments made cheaply that will not last through high school. It is usually best to avoid these instruments unless you are planning to buy a better trumpet after the first year or so. As with all instruments, you usually get what you pay for.

What brands are the best beginner trumpets?

The bes beginner trumpets are made by reputable companies. My favorite beginner trumpets are made by Bach, Conn, King, Getzen, Holton and Yamaha, but there are some others that are good ones as well. Watch out for online auctions. There are some questionable instruments available on the auction sites that I wouldn’t personally trust. You never know what you’re getting. Buying from a reputable music company is the best bet to give your child the best start.

Bach TR300 Trumpet

The Bach TR300 trumpet is the beginning trumpet of choice in our area.  Our bands will accept any instrument that will play, but this is what we recommend.  It has a two piece bell, like most student trumpets.  While it doesn’t sound quite as good as a Bach Stradivarius Trumpet, it still sounds better than most student line horns.  This is the trumpet that used to be labeled a Bundy trumpet.  For more details or to purchase, please click the link above.

Yamaha 2330 Standard Trumpet

The Yamaha 2330 Standard Trumpet  is Yamaha’s student trumpet.  This instrument has everything you would ever need for beginning band.  In our area, the Yamaha student trumpets are almost as popular for beginning band as the bach trumpets.  I don’t worry when I see a Bach or Yamaha show up in the band hall.  The Yamaha case is probably a better case than the Bach one.  They’ve usually been a little more durable in my years as a band director.  For more details or to purchase, please click the link above.

Getzen 390 Student Trumpet

The Getzen 390 Series Student Trumpet is Getzen’s lower level trumpet.  It’s a good horn that would do just fine for a beginning band trumpet player.  The Getzen valves are incredible valves.  They just fly, and they have a lifetime valve warranty.  Getzen trumpets are built very strong.  For more details or to purchase, please click the link above.

Blessing BTR-1277 Series Student Trumpet

The Blessing BTR-1277 Series Student Trumpet is Blessing’s student line trumpet.  It has many features of higher level instruments, but at a cheaper price.  Blessing trumpets are good instruments that have a stigma from their earlier years.  They’re good horns at a cheaper price.

Lower Level Student Trumpets

Fifteen to twenty years ago, trumpets started coming into the US from various countries of questionable quality.  They would sell on auction sites for around $100, and they started showing up in bands around the country.

Local music stores often wouldn’t work on them because they didn’t know what would happen if they used a torch on them to solder something that had fallen off..something that happened quite often with them.

One local trumpet showed up in band for several years in the hands of different students every year that had carbon steel valves, which would rust when they got wet.  Whoever had it that year would take it to the repair shop after a couple of weeks to have the valves buffed.  Eventually, it developed so much space between the valves and casings, it wouldn’t play.

The large instrument manufacturers had to compete with these trumpets somehow.  They found that they could make a lower level trumpet that would work much better than the questionable ones coming into the county.  These instruments aren’t as good as their normal student line trumpets, but they are much better than the cheap imports.  These instruments would be good for the first year in band, but after that, I would recommend moving up to a higher level horn.

Bundy BTR-300 Student Trumpet

The Bundy BTR-300 Student Trumpet is Bach’s answer to the cheaper import trumpets coming into the US.  This trumpet is about as affordable as Bach can make a trumpet that would still be a good horn.  It would be very suitable for beginning band, and it would have the backing of a large manufacturer.  I would recommend the Bach TR300 over a Bundy, but if price is an issue, this is still a good horn to get.  It would be good for the first year, or so.  After that, plan on moving up to a higher level instrument.

Prelude by Conn-Selmer TR711 Student Trumpet

The Prelude by Conn-Selmer TR711 Student Trumpet is another approach toward making a decent horn at a price that can compete with the cheaper imports coming into the US.  Conn-Selmer is the parent company that owns Bach and Bundy, so it’s pretty much the same instrument as the Bundy Trumpet.  It has stainless steel valves, so the valves won’t rust.  Again, it’s a good horn for the first year of band.