Best Beginning Band Trumpets

Best Beginning Band Trumpets

The Best Beginning Band Trumpets

Your child signed up for beginning band!  Now what?  You need to find one of the best beginning band trumpets for your child to learn on.  Congratulations!  You and your child are beginning a new phase of their life that can totally transform them and their lives.  You’ll be headed to beginning band concerts a few times this year and other fun and exciting band activities.  First though, you need to find the best beginning band trumpet for them to play.

Best Beginning Band Trumpets

You probably received a list of recommended instruments from the band director or music store by now, and you’re wondering what you just got yourself into.  That list looks long and expensive, and it can be expensive if you just run to your local music store to purchase everything.

Where should I buy the best beginning band trumpets?

You can definitely go to the local music store, and you’ll probably find a rent-to-own program there that has a low monthly price.  Often, they also include free repairs and maintenance in that price.  There are some drawbacks to purchasing a beginning band trumpet at the local music store though.  You’ll pay full retail price for that rental there.  Shopping online will result in around a 40% reduction in the price, and they often offer payment plans that are close to the rental price at the music store for a shorter term.

What about repairs?

In all actuality, trumpets shouldn’t need many repairs.  In my 37 years of playing trumpet, I’ve had to take my horn in for repairs four times.  You’ll get the occasional dent, but unless a player is careless, a beginning band trumpet shouldn’t need repairs very often.  Trumpets don’t need the regular maintenance that a woodwind instrument needs with pad replacements and adjustments.

Should I trust an online music instrument company?

I have for the last 25 years.  There are several online music stores, with which Trumpetfinder is associated with, that sell more trumpets in a day than local stores will sell in a year.  My students have usually bought from them as well, and I’ve never had a problem with any of them.  Because of that high sales volume, they get the best prices.  It’s that simple. I usually see around a 40% discount off of retail prices, and most local music stores sell at retail price.  In addition, you usually won’t pay sales tax on those purchases.  It just makes sense.

What about rental or rent-to-own plans?

Some of the online shops offer rental plans as well, and some of them offer financing that is comparable to a rental plan from a local music store…often at lower monthly prices.  Also, keep in mind that when a local music store offers a rental plan, they are usually offering the rental plan based on the full retail price of the instrument.  While the monthly payment may be low, you’ll be paying on it for years.  In addition, if you return the instrument later to the store and discontinue the rental plan, you will get nothing in return.  If you purchase a trumpet from an online store, you have something of value that can be sold or traded later.

In conclusion…

I would buy a trumpet from an online music store rather than a local shop.  In my opinion, it’s the smartest choice in buying the best beginning band trumpets.  Please visit for all of your trumpet needs!

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