The Best C Trumpets

The best C Trumpets characteristics:

The best C trumpets have a clear, bright, resonant sound.  C trumpets are the normal instruments for trumpet players in an orchestra. In high school, players can often get transposed parts for Bb trumpet, which is the normal trumpet for bands, but in college, players are expected to play C trumpet when it’s called for.

The C trumpet plays one whole step higher than the Bb trumpet, which doesn’t sound like much, but the difference is really in the sound.  The C trumpet generally gets a brighter, more brilliant, and projecting sound than a Bb trumpet, which is ideal for orchestral playing.  Large bore C trumpets have become the standard C trumpet in use today.

What are the best C trumpets?

The general consensus is that the Best C trumpets follow the same general guidelines.  In the orchestral world, it is pretty much a Bach or Yamaha world, with the exception of some players playing custom trumpets. In the Bach C’s, the Bach Stradivarius C Trumpet with a 229 bell and 25h leadpipe was the standard for years, but the horn most people wanted to get was one of the famous horns that Bud Herseth picked out for the Chicago Symphony years ago.  Just about everyone that had the good fortune to sit in the symphony and play one of those horns, said it was the best horn they had played.

Yamaha Xeno Artist Model YTR-9445CHSII C Trumpet, Best C Trumpets

Yamaha Xeno Artist Model YTR-9445CHSII C Trumpet

Bach C180SL229CHS Chicago C Trumpet, The Best C Trumpets

Bach C180SL229CHS Chicago C Trumpet

After many years of experimenting, both Bach and Yamaha came up with their own versions of the Chicago C’s…The Bach Stradivarius C180SL229CC Chicago Series Stradivarius C Trumpet and the Yamaha Xeno Artist Model YTR-9445CHSII Trumpet are those two horns.
Some people thought the Bach Chicago C Trumpet was too bright sounding for some situations, and they came up with the Bach Stradivarius C180SL229PC Philadelphia Model C Trumpet with a heavier bell.


These three C trumpets and the Bach C Trumpet with the 229 bell/25h leadpipe remain the most used C trumpets in professional orchestras today. These are all great horns. I’m a Bach guy, so right now I play a Bach Stradivarius C180L C Trumpet with the 229 Bell and 25H leadpipe.  One of these days, I may trade it in for a Bach Chicago Model.  I’ve come close a couple of times.  I think of the C trumpets available today, the Bach Chicago or Philadelphia Model would be my choice, but many people like the Yamaha Artist Model too.  You can’t go wrong with either one.