Best Gifts For Trumpet Players

Best Gifts for Trumpet Players

Choosing the best gifts for trumpet players can be difficult.  Trumpet players tend to be gadget oriented people.   We like gadgets, accessories, etc.  For most players, trumpet playing is a large part of our lives too, so any gift that relates to trumpet playing is appreciated.

Where do I start finding the best gifts for trumpet players?

You need to see what they already own and what level of player they are.  A beginner has different needs than a professional.  A professional is the hardest to shop for.  They already own most things for trumpet.  Most people searching for trumpet gifts though are somewhere in the middle.

Best Gifts for trumpet players in Middle School or High School

I’ll start with the biggest gift you could imagine…a new professional trumpet.  If you want to buy a gift that will rival the gift of someone’s first car, this is it.  I guarantee that this gift will be remembered in the same way.  I can still remember opening my first professional trumpet, and that was 34 years ago.  I remember opening the latches to the case and seeing the new horn wrapped in plastic.  I remember the smell of the trumpet…the new trumpet smell.  It’s just as powerful as a new car smell to a trumpet player.

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Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet

Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet

The Bach 180s37 Trumpet is my instrument of choice for a professional Bb trumpet. More professional players use this horn than any other Bb trumpet. “180” is the model number, “37” is the bell number, and “s” stands for silver plating.  This would definitely fit in the list of best gifts for trumpet players.  For more information on the Bach 180s37 Stradivarius Trumpet, or to purchase this trumpet, please click the link.

Gifts for trumpet players, Yamaha Xeno Trumpet Review

Yamaha YTR-8335S Xeno Trumpet

Yamaha YTR-8335 Xeno Trumpet

The Yamaha YTR-8335 Xeno Trumpet is Yamaha’s version of a Bach Strad trumpet, check out the Xeno.


By the time a trumpet player gets to High School, they need to own several mutes.  Mutes change the color of the sound, and they are great gifts for trumpet players.  Every trumpet player needs a Straight Mute, a Cup Mute, and a Harmon Style, Bubble, or Wah-Wah mute , and probably a practice mute.  For a general use straight mute, I recommend a Denis Wick Straight Mute or a Jo-Ral Aluminum Straight Mute. The first picture below shows tbe Denis Wick Straight Mute with a copper bottom, but for a first mute, you want to choose all aluminum.

Denis Wick Straight Mute, Gifts for Trumpet players

Denis Wick Straight Mute-Copper Bottom

Gifts for Trumpet players, Jo-Ral Mute

Jo-Ral Trumpet Straight Mute

A Trumcor Lyric Straight Mute is a handy straight mute for the trumpet player that already has a full set of mutes.  If you try playing extremely soft with a straight mute, it can be difficult to keep a good sound.  This is where the Trumcor Lyric Straight Mute comes into play.  It has been nicknamed the “Jobsaver” by many trumpet players because it allows you to use a normal airstream while sounding like a very soft straight mute.  It’s a truly incredible mute that I would not be without.  If the trumpet player you’re shopping for already has a basic set of mutes, definitely think about this mute.

Trumcor Lyric mute, gifts for trumpet players

Trumcor Lyric Straight Mute for Trumpet

For a cup mute, I my favorite is the Denis Wick Adjustable Cup Mute.  This cup mute covers all cup mute needs.  It’s pretty much the favorite of all trumpet players I know.  You can adjust the cup up or down to open or close the gap between the cup and the bell.  This allows you to adjust how much sound you produce.  It’a truly great mute.

Denis Wick Adjustable Cup Mute, Gifts for trumpet players

Denis Wick Cup Mute

For a bubble or Harmon Style mute, I recommend the Jo Ral Aluminum Bubble Mute.  This sound fits in with other aluminum mutes well and produces a good sizzle throughout all registers.  For solo work, the copper Jo Ral Bubble Mute gets a unique sound that I really like too.  They’re both requirements on my list, but the aluminum one is crucial.

Jo-Ral Bubble Mute, Gifts for trumpet players

Jo-Ral 2a Trumpet Bubble Mute

Jo-Ral Copper Bubble Mute, Gifts for trumpet players

Jo-Ral 2C Copper Bubble Mute

The final category of mutes that are really handy are practice mutes.  A good practice mute can be played in a hotel room without anyone hearing.  They work really well.  If you want a practice mute that is full featured, check out the Yamaha Silent Brass System for Trumpet.  It has a mute with a pickup mic that runs the sound through a small processing unit that adds different levels of reverb and other effects to make it sound like you’re playing in different settings…church, etc.  It’s really cool.

Yamaha Silent Brass, Gifts for trumpet players

Yamaha Silent Brass System for Trumpet

The other practice mute I recommend is the Denis Wick Practice Mute. It is simply a mute that closes off almost all of the sound and lets you practice anywhere.  It’s simple, but it works.

Dennis Wick Practice Mute, Gifts for trumpet players

Denis Wick Practice Mute

Trumpet players eventually become mute collectors…always looking for another new sounding mute to add to their collection.  If you would like to look at some other mutes, check out the mute pages at this site.   There are a lot of mutes available.

Trumpet Stands

A trumpet stand is an incredibly handy thing for any trumpet player.  There are several different brands and models available, but I generally recommend the K&M 5-Leg In-Bell Trumpet Stand.  They sell a three leg version, but it can be knocked over much more easily.  The leg unit unscrews from the bell shaped part, and the legs fold up to fit in the bell shaped part.  When folded up, the entire thing stores in the bell of the trumpet in the case.  It’s a pretty slick stand.


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