Eb Trumpets

What are Eb trumpets?

Most Eb trumpets are really Eb/D convertible trumpets so they can be set up in either key by either changing slides or changing the slides and bell. These instruments are usually played for solos requiring the higher instruments and sometimes in orchestras for some high parts. A professional trumpet player will have one, but it’s a fairly specialized instrument.

What Eb trumpets are the best?

Eb trumpets need to be full professional trumpets to play well in tune. Don’t waste your money with anything less than top of the line. Bach Artisan, Yamaha, Stomvi, Kanstul, and a few others are the horns of choice.

The most notable pieces using these horns are the Hummel and Haydn Trumpet Concertos.  These solos are much easier on an Eb than on a Bb.  The tuning bell Eb’s are the best ones I’ve played.  While there are 4 valve Eb’s out there, for most work, a 3 valve is best.  There will be links below to some good ones soon.