What are Flugelhorns?

Flugelhorns are primarily a jazz instrument in the US. Flugelhorns are also used in brass bands overseas and in the US on a more limited basis. The US doesn’t have many brass bands. In my opinion, that’s a shame because brass bands have a really cool sound to my ears. Flugelhorns have a truly unique, mellow sound that is really pleasing to the ear. I love playing a flugel

Are there different types of flugelhorns?

There are small bore and large bore flugels.  There are also 3 valve and 4 valve ones.  I personally play a large bore flugel, but most people prefer smaller bore horns.  The choice of a 3 valve or 4 valve is totally personal preference.  It’s easier to switch to a 3 valve flugel since the trumpet you normally play is also 3 valve.

If you choose a 3 valve horn, make sure there is a trigger for the 3rd valve slide to adjust for low “D” and “C#”.  The fourth valve is different.  Low D is played 4th valve, and low C# is played 2nd and 4th.

Please be aware that there are a few different mouthpiece shank sizes for flugelhorns, so if you already have a mouthpiece you like, make sure the instrument will fit the mouthpiece. Otherwise, you can just plan on getting a mouthpiece to fit whichever flugelhorn you choose.  We will have links soon to instruments.