Scratch and Dent Trumpets

Scratch and Dent Trumpets, Open  Box Trumpets

Scratch and Dent or Open Box Trumpets

Scratch and Dent Trumpets are trumpets that have been damaged in some way and usually repaired.  The company can’t sell them for full price, so they are discounted and put on sale.  In my opinion, these are the best deals out there for professional trumpets.  As I type this, Woodwind and Brasswind has three Bach Stradivarius 190s37 trumpets listed for between @2250 and $2450.  These trumpets usually retail for around $4000 and usually run around $3000 there.

How much do you usually save on Scratch and Dent Trumpets

You can usually save around 20% of the normal price on scratch and dent sales…sometimes more…sometimes less.  I saw a Bach Stradivarius Trumpet sell for $995 one time that had some extensive damage.  It had been repaired, but it still had been damaged.

How bad is the damage on a Scratch and Dent trumpet?

Every trumpet is different.  They always repair them before putting them up for sale, but you can usually see where the damage occured.  It will be very minor though, and many times, I can’t even find the damage.  Many stores will show you pictures of the actual instrument and have arrows pointing to the damage.

Right now, the trumpets I see listed just have a few small scratches.  You’ll get more scratches using in your first year, so to me it doesn’t matter.  Most of the time, you would swear that scratch and dent trumpets have no damage.  The key is that most large stores have excellent repairmen that will fix any damage before it’s put out for sale.

Great deal!

If you’re looking for the best deals, check out these scratch and dent trumpets!  These are the deals you always hear about from others.  Now it’s your turn to tell that same story!

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